Kids With Guns! (via brinkofbedlam)

I am fully with you there I have gone out of my way to avoid BabyMibs having guns, he is almost 5 yrs old, and thankfully already knows that they are bad from a great episode of casualty that he watched a while ago, he knew that a gun can hurt people and make them “dedded” ( his choice of word!) and asked me why nasty people have them! He has assured me that he doesn’t want to be a “nasty peeple”
However, like all small boys, he has water pistols and loves them, and his Dad let him play some computer game a little while ago that involved shooting the crap out of the enemy, when I questioned this, I got told “but mummy, its pretend, it’s not real”
Unfortunately it is all around us, in song lyrics, films, the news, even kids cartoons on TV seem to have some sort of weapons involved a lot, and whn we finally make it to the countryside, no doubt locals will have them ( if I keep animals I may well have to hold a shot-gun of some sort just in case)
So long as they know the difference between harmless play and the dangers of the real thing I suppose that’s the best we can do!

Kids With Guns! Kids With Guns. Bang, bang, you’re dead!!!! I’ve been feeling a tad put out with my youngest’s fascination with guns and violence recently.  I hate aggressive play in general with an absolute passion.  You know in the school yard when fights used to break out, and you’d get a huge crowd of kids all standing round egging them on?  Well, I was never amongst the crowd.  I’d be at the other end of the school trying to find a teacher to tell, so that … Read More

via brinkofbedlam


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  1. It’s such a difficult topic isn’t it! I suppose we can only go with our gut instincts as parents and hope we’re doing the best we can for our kids! Thanks for sharing the link! x

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