Aggression In The PlayPark – GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Ok, am back home now and have almost stopped shaking…….still seething inside though..

Today, I took BabyMibs into town to get his feet measured for his school shoes……..a simple enough exercise you might think, especially since I had promised him that if he was really good we could go to the new park on the way back home!

He was brilliant, so we visited the park…….and he immediately made a little  friend, as he usually does. They decided to play on the see-saw, it’s one of those new ones that allows for a child each end on a seat, with a standing platform in the middle for the more adventurous!

So far, no worries, BUT cue same little friend disappearing and returning with one of those Dairylea Lunchable style snacks ( it wasn’t a Dairylea one but same idea), which he placed on the standing platform in the middle!

Cue my little terror stalking across to the centre and knocking the snack out of his way so he could stand up!

Ok, BabyMibs was bang out of order, and I made an immediate point of telling him so, but I really wasn’t expecting the aggressive reaction we got from the little lad’s Dad.

Although the little lad seemed oblivious to what BabyMib’s had done, the Dad stormed over from the other side of the park at full pelt, shouted using swear words at BabyMibs and then stomped my way.

I apologised, as you do, but asked him if he could be less aggressive in front of my son, and also that I would happily reimburse him for his loss,  which resulted in his grabbing my jumper from the front, jamming me up against a wall and demanding recompense for his son’s lost “dinner”!

(the self-same dinner his son wasn’t actually eating anyhow, and who 1.feeds their kids at the playpark, and 2. feeds a dinner that is in fact a snack treat?) —-I didn’t of course voice this opinion, but that’s what I thought there and then

After a quick peek into this guy’s eyes, ( I used to run some really rough pubs in the East End, and believe me it’s easy to be brave when you have bouncers or friendly customers around BUT), I realised that this guy, although he didn’t seem drunk, DID have that drugged look in his eyes, certainly his instant aggression seemed to point to this ( most parents would just accept that the other parent is mortified already), I backed down, and after asking him to give my handbag back, which he had already snatched from me, I gave him every last penny I had left, all 97p of it! ( which I had kept by to get BabyMibs some Freddos on the way home). He then got his phone out and made a VERY loud call to someone, my guess either the mum of his three kids or his girlfriend, demanding that “she” get there fast to deal with this stupid bitch ( I can only assume he meant me)

In the meantime, the park, which hitherto had been quite busy, had emptied fast, there were a LOT of other mothers there who obviously decided to get their kids well out of the way, and I don’t blame them at all. The guy stomped back to his bench and rolled another cigarette, whilst after checking that BabyMibs was ok playing with his friend still ( the kid himself did seem lovely) I went for a “walk” behind a tree and called the Police. Their response was, and I quote ” Has this man actually hit you madam?” ” No” was my response ” but he has threatened me”, their view? ” well, unless he actually hits you or steals from you, there is nothing for us to do!”

At this point I decided to give up,  and after gathering a tearful BabyMibs up, we legged it home as fast as we could run!

Anyone who knows me will know that I am probably the strictest parent in history, I do not tolerate BabyMibs misbehaving, and am more mortified than the injured party is when it does inevitably happen ( kids WILL be kids after all) BUT I am not inherently aggressive, I tend to leg it at the first sign of any confrontation, and am the first to apologise profusely even if it’s not my fault.

What worries me more now is that if even the Police won’t take this sort of low-level bullying seriously, how on earth can they expect kids to grow up feeling safe, secure and understanding how to behave in society?

I am home now, have spoken to my mom, (thanks mom) and calmed down a bit, but what really gets to me is the fact that every kid in that park saw and heard what happened, the Dad no doubt will react the same again if not worse if the next Mum he has a go at is a bit more aggressive than I am, and exactly what WILL make the police sit up and take notice?

Maybe if he had stabbed me?

This is why I want to live in the countryside, call me idealistic, but I am getting far too old for this lawless and mannerless society that we seem to have created with all our PC do-gooding, no-one knows the names of their neighbours anymore, and even fewer care, too many good kids are ending up as criminals due to knife, drug and gun crime for the silliest of reasons, and  many good kids where parents try their best to keep them on the straight and narrow are paying far too heavy a price at the end of it., by having to bury their kids because of the knock-on effect of others simply not giving a damn about anyone else’s family, and the authorities not actually doing anything effective to deter or prevent this happening.



This aggressive guy was about half my age, albeit a LOT bigger than I, and wearing some very nice track-suity items, that cost more than everything myself and BabyMibs have in total clotheswise, his phone again was one of those new-fangled touchscreen slidy things..( bear in mind I am an aged first-time mom with an old Nokia from 15 years ago still going strong!) Don’t get me wrong, I am not usually one to judge, and am certainly not jealous, BUT this guy reeked of one of those types that doesn’t and quite likely never has worked, and in my experience it is usually those that never seem to have the good manners, gratitude etc that they should have when they get taken care of by other’s hard work and taxes.

Maybe I should myself learn to be a nasty mouthy unreasonable piece of work!


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2 responses to “Aggression In The PlayPark – GET ME OUT OF HERE!

  1. sorry but if he got hold of you by your jumper…that is assault…as for taking your handbag that is theft…..surely the police should have acted on that?

    glad the 2 of you are fine, but yes its scary!!

    • That’s what I thought, untill the not-so-friendly guy on the phone “put me straight!?!”
      Maybe they are just too busy down this way!

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