Lamb Chops & Mathematics (via brinkofbedlam)

Another fantastic and funny post from the daily life that is chaos in the BrinkOfBedlam! xx

I only wish I could get BabyMibs to eat meat!


Lamb Chops & Mathematics (This is maybe not a post for vegetarians…) Darlek seriously loves her maths, it amazes me how much she enjoys mucking about with numbers.  This evening I made lamb chops & veg for tea, and she turned it into a mathematical exercise.  I think it’s fabulous that she’s so inventive. I’ve never got on with numbers and have always found them to be unfriendly buggers that confuse me, but words on the other hand are m … Read More

via brinkofbedlam



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2 responses to “Lamb Chops & Mathematics (via brinkofbedlam)

  1. Have you tried mixing a bit of mince in with other chopped veg, so it’s not as identifiable? I’ve got the other problem, my youngest won’t eat veg. So frustrating isn’t it!

    • Yes, tried all that, he DID eat a tiny piece of sausage roll once two years ago at a party!
      He IS a cheese fanatic, the bluer the better, and eats four different types of fruit so hey ho I can’t really complain!
      I DID however successfully manage to con him into eating a chicken nugget cut diagonally in half and hidden in his chips at one point……but he rarely eats chips ( I tend to avoid fried foods) and caught me preparing them the second time!

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