Once Upon A Time – Poem

This is one of a series of poems, written by my Grandmother, that represent a portrait of her childhood in Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, places and people she loved who are, for the most part, no longer with us.

She dedicates each and every poem to her daughters, and has kindly given me permission to share them with you all, enjoy…


Once Upon A Time

 Once there were fields, where now the houses stand,

Stretching for endless miles across the land,

Spring-dressed with daisies. Slowly moving herds

Chewed ceaselessly, whilst like a shining lake

The bluebells swayed b’neath trees whose leaves would make

A curtain for the newly-nesting birds.


In dried-out ditches, halfway up the slope,

Purple and white, violets spread a cope

Fit for a king, or God. Their gentle heads

Demurely bowed, as if in constant prayer.

From the wire fence, the birds would glean the hair

Left by the horse, to line their infants’ beds.


Where are you now, resourceful little birds?

And where the horse, and silky Jersey herds?

Bulldozers tore the Royal violet cloak

To shreds. Only the daisy, desolate,

 Refuses to accept the common fate

Of nature’s beauty, faced with modern folk.


© Dorothy Davis-Sellick 1998 onwards

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One response to “Once Upon A Time – Poem

  1. Great post! I love poetry very much. Free free to check out my first poem also everyone!

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