A Sad Day For Me – Farewell My Lovely

Fare Thee Well Old Faithful

Today is a sad day, my old faithful jalopy had to go, her MOT runs out tomorrow, and although she should pass with about £200 or work thereby ensuring cheap motoring for another year, I simpy didn’t have enough to do the necessary, so she had to go!

It feels as though I am letting go of an old friend, and it definately puts me in a really hard position workwise and cheap shopping-wise especially with a mutant 4yr old in tow!
Also, I now feel I have no “escape route”, no freedom and no way of visiting family or even just getting away from it all for a few hours now and then.
The guy who bought her from Ebay ( god, their fees are crippling aren’t they?) seems to be a good sort, so I think she has gone to a good home, but it’s like having to let an old friend go to execution! LOL
Soppy old me or what!
R.I.P. old friend, thank you for being there for me, and here’s to my winning enough to get a new buddy soon and hopefully also start our smallholding dream!


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4 responses to “A Sad Day For Me – Farewell My Lovely

  1. Welcome to the world of the carless. I don’t have a car but i am lucky enough to live within walking distance of work/shops/bus/train/parents/some friends. There are times when i’d love a car to just pop out to XXXXXXXX. But money restrictions means i can’t justify the expense. Let’s hope we both win big cash and buy cars.

    • Oh I’ve been there plenty of times before, it’s just the timing this year is so bad, supposed to be going to Wales soon new househunting, not a possible task without a car from where I live! So gonna have to wait a long while now! Grrrrrrrrrr
      And yes, agreed, here’s to everyone winning something nice soon xx

  2. my heart goes out to you. we were the same a few years back, I had bought an old nissan sunny for £600, about my budget any time for a car, and I got 2 1/2 yrs out of it, it scrapped through the 2nd MOT we put it through so when the next year came round we didnt even send it for one as there was to many every day things wrong with it ( brakes, wipers, heater etc) as well as welding. was sad to see it go but it had served its time. (and by then my back money had come through from work) so we traded it in and spent roughly the same on the next car ( which only lasted 5 months before hubby drove it through a fence and a tree was kind enough to stop us!! oops luckily enough nobody else involved and we all walked out unscathed).
    good luck with a money win to buy another as you say it makes life so much easier.

    • Did the tree sue you? lol, am glad you got out unhurt, that’s the only side of motoring that really scares me, especially when BabyMibs in the car with me…far too easy to get complacent and either hurt yourself or others.
      Mind you, will be the first thing I buy when I win enough!

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