MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – July 2011

Here I will try to share any money/time saving tips that I have found to be useful each month.

Do feel free to share yours also if you don’t mind me keeping the list updated!

( I will of course name you as the author of your tip!)


 Plastic Take-Away Cartons

 Save those plastic lidded take-away cartons that you get with Chinese or Indian take-aways, they make great storage tubs for both the fridge and freezer, especially when saving extra portions from meals for a later date use.


 Gone are the days when most of us have a designated decorative vingar bottle that we bring to the table with matching cruet sets etc, so if you are like me and like to keep one of those “sarsons” style bought bottles with the shaker/pouring cap, DO check out the supermarket own large cheap bottles for refilling purposes. If the vinegar in the cheap bottles is almost as dark as the brand names, then it WILL taste pretty much the same at a fraction of the cost ( for example, a Brand-Name table bottle is around £1 or thereabouts, a LARGE stores own bottle is around 40p and will refill your nicer bottle four or five times over!


 On the subject of vinegar, DO remember that most sauces, ( ketchup, brown sauce, salad cream) all have vinegar in them already, so DO remember when they no longer pour, yet there is still that annoying bit lef tin the bottle, to add a little vinegar, pop the lid back on and give it a good shake, you’ll get at least one more serving out of your bottle, thus making a small saving and ensuring there is no waste. Vinegar can also be used to thin out shop-bought Mint Sauce, they always seem to make it a bit too thick for me, and again, it’ll go a lot further with a little help!

 Salt Cellars

 I’ll probably be teaching older folks how to suck eggs here, but youngsters may not know this, to prevent your salt clogging in your shaker, add a few grains of uncooked rice to the inside of your salt pourer/cellar/shaker. This will kep the salt from clumping together and thereby blocking the holes. This principle also works with sugar and flour shakers, although if the holes in the shaker are bigger than rice grains, use a couple of dried peas or similar instead!

 Egg Boxes

 Save egg boxes, and use them for indoor growing, the cardboard ones make for excellent seedling starter pots, which can then be carefully separated and planted out still in their cardboard homes, ( great compost and water retention also!) the plastic ones make lovely little indoor cress and mustard pots, great for kids to plant up and watch grow!



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2 responses to “MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – July 2011

  1. Terry

    Great tips but who these days can still afford a take-away.!!!!

    You can actually buy packs of these containers quite cheaply in the £1 shops.
    Another good idea is when cooking to make more than you need and freeze some for another time. soups, casseroles, cakes, pies etc.

    • Not me thats for sure, I still had a bunch of them from a few years ago that I’d saved for someday, mind you, those better-off folks who used to eat out a lot have probably down-graded to takeaways now, and a lot of supermarkets sell meal packs with everything you need for a “takeaway” at home, all you do is reheat them, I’ve tried a couple when they’ve been marked down, to be honest at the full price in the supermarket you might as well get a real takeaway!

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