Yay, a Bargain buy of Biblical Proportions!

Well, sort of lol, it WAS five loaves, but instead of two fishies I got two 6 packs of Free Range eggs instead!

All found quite by accident in my local corner shop!

An almost biblical bargain!

Amazingly, the bread started out at £1.59 each, and as it “goes out of date” today, I got it for 59p each, and I suspect the Free Range locally produced HUGE eggs were down to Edwina Currie, they were marked down to just 20p per BOX from £1.69, again going “out of date” today!

Eggs take a whole lot longer than that to go out of date, heck, their natural shell packaging probably does a far better job of keeping the insides fresh than a lot of manufactured packets do!

At last I can actually eat a hot meal every day for six days, at 2 eggs per day, oh the sheer bliss! And that’s almost a months worth of bread now sat in my freezer!

There should be some interesting Meanstreet Meals posts coming along this week then, mostly eggy based lol!

Proof positive that real bargains are there to be found pretty much anywhere, if you keep your eagle eyes open!

For many more great bargains, tips and fantastic recipe ideas, do go visit my very good friend   Sunny   over at her blogging home, make sure you pour a glass or take a cuppa with you though, it’s bliddy good reading!


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4 responses to “Yay, a Bargain buy of Biblical Proportions!

  1. Brilliant bargains, I see eggy bread/french toast, bread n butter pudding, pancakes, omelettes, etc in your future.

  2. Way to go Mibs, great bargains there. Don’t forget you can always make fairy cakes with some of the eggs and then freeze them. Same goes for pancakes. Enjoy!

  3. I’m a great fan of grabbing out of date stuff and freezing it whenever possible. Eggs do stay fresh for absolutely ages. I completely ignore the sell by dates on them and simply do the floating in a bowl of water test before I use them. They’re v v rarely off! Bread freezes really well too, and even if it’s a little stale it can be used in bread & butter pudding or for breadcrumbs. Brilliant post, it has reminded me to keep on the case with thriftiness!

  4. Yasmin Selena Butt

    That is VERY cool : ) I totally agree with you on eggs and eggs are really great for you nutritionally and you can bake with them of course too. I love it when I get bargains I can freeze. By the way, if you’re near a Tesco they’ve got Wispa, Twirl and Dairy Milk multi-packs for a £1. Wispa very rarely go on promotion so I was chuffed. And Sainsburys are doing Branston Beans for £1 for 4. Sorry to read you were over-charged the other day. It really hurts when you really don’t have the cash to spare with mistakes like that. I do understand! xx

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