Tip of the Day: Cooking using a hay box (via eatingonapound)

Now here’s an interesting idea that I for one had never heard of!

I vaguely remember using something similar a long long time ago in scouts, but am sure we added some burning embers to a dug fire pit thingy, will defo be trying out Sunny’s HayBox idea sometime soon


I really should have explained this method of cooking before so here goes. The principle of cooking with a hay box is a simple one.  To retain the heat in the food after bringing it to the boil on a normal cooker so as to finish cooking it using no electric or gas. This is achieved by making yourself a hay box. The Hay box can be made out of many different materials (try googling it and you will see the wide range of them out there). Traditionall … Read More

via eatingonapound


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