Meals for Today (via eatingonapound)

Wow, I so wish I had a Morrisons near me lol, this lady and her hubby really do know how to eat well on very very little!

My 4yr old’s daily fruit intake alone comes to more than that!

Son’s usual daily diet ( he IS fussy but at least he covers most food groups with the only notable exceptions of anything dark green, any meat and any fish!):

small handful Cornflakes, sometimes with milk, sometimes not!

2 bananas

2 apples

1/8 ounce of Danish Blue cheese

1/4 ounce Strong Cheddar Cheese

1/3 tin baked beans

2 slices of bread sometimes toasted

handful of raisins / or a small pack plain crisps

occasionally I feed him small handful of chips with a couple of carefully cut (to look like a chip) Chicken Nuggets!

a value Chocolate Mousse ( they are actually a lot healthier than the brand-name ones!)

3 cream crackers with a little more blue cheese

a very healthy suirt of Brown Sauce!

He’ll wash this lot down with about a litre of tap water and also get through 2 pints of milk each day!

My daily food intake at the present cost climate is simply:

2 slices toast with a 1/3 can of beans on it


a small jacket potato and scraping of cheese

OR 1/2 can soup and a slice of bread

thats it, I am starving in order to line the pockets of gas/water/electricity shareholders!


Me Breakfast; One crumpet and a pint of water. 4p Lunch; Roll and homemade soup. 8p Dinner; Roll and homemade soup (tiny bit of grated cheese), one apple and one orange. 20p Drinks water and This Water(free with a voucher). My total 32p OH Breakfast; One apple, one bottle of this water ( free with a voucher) and three crumpets. 12p Lunch; 2 x Sandwich (ham and salad out the garden) one apple. 12p Dinner; Ham Roll and cheese and pickle roll, salad … Read More

via eatingonapound

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