Britain To Sort Of Get Castle Law (via Tory Aardvark)

If anyone breaks into my humble castle I will take that as a direct and definate threat to the health and safety of both myself and my son, and will react accordingly, preferably BEFORE the scum breaking in has the chance to use unreasonable force against us!
This has been sold as a new law being made from the news I saw about it, but in fact I suspect that poor bloke who IS STILL being held for doing pretty much the same as we all would, is the key trigger for this clarification debate. It’s about bliddy time the nasties in this world got their cumuppance I am afraid!
The laws surrounding those caught and prosecuted for these offences also need a serious overhaul, no amount of pleading “oh I was abused or had a tough upbringing” is any excuse for committing a crime


Britain To Sort Of Get Castle Law In the United States there is a legal doctrine based on English Common Law called Defense of Habitation Law or Castle Law, which essentially acknowledges the victims right to regard their home, car and work … Read More

via Tory Aardvark


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