‘Side Exit’ For Brize Norton Corteges (via Tory Aardvark)

I rather suspect this is yet another case of our nanny state deciding what is “best” for us, it is becoming shameful how the powers that be are trying to control our lives, our every movement and our thoughts
I am becoming increasingly ashamed to call myself a British Citizen, we are fast becoming removed from what made us Great in the first place, and those soldiers deserve to be remembered and honoured properly for a myriad of reasons, not in the least they died for this country and what we USED to stand for!

‘Side Exit’ For Brize Norton Corteges Oxfordshire County Council hang your head in shame A familiar sight as a fallen hero passes through the streets of Wootton Bassett, a soldiers final journey through a sea of respect and sadness. I stood there, saluting as my friend passed by, draped in our nations flag , I am tensing every muscle, forcing the salute to remain as all i want to do is hide my face as i feel the tears welling up. In an attempt to stop the tears i look around , only t … Read More

via Tory Aardvark


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