MibsBlog Meanstreet Meals – Cheating Creamy “Chicken” Pasta

Cheating Creamy "Chicken" Pasta

per person
75g of dried cheap pasta ( or 100g if you are really hungry) 
one tin cheap condensed chicken soup * (actually serves two)
100ml of milk/water
a little fresh chopped peppers/OR a handful of frozen veg 
pepper to taste
10g grated cheese optional
Parsley sprig for decor…dried parsley will do!
Put a medium pan half full of water on to boil, (if using frozen veg throw it in now), after 5 mins add the pasta, after about 10 mins check that the pasta is soft, then drain the water away, replace the spaghetti/veg mix back into the pan, ( if using fresh chopped peppers add them NOW) and return to the heat, add the tin of condensed soup and either your choice of the milk or water ( remember it is CONDENSED soup, milk will make it creamier, water works ok instead!) and continue to heat for about 3 mins KEEP STIRRING AT THIS STAGE AND DO NOT WALK AWAY!
Once the soup mixture is happily heated through, take off  the heat and serve into a bowl. 
This one is quite filling, can be made in a matter of mere minutes and will impress that hot date you just brought home for a heck of a lot less than a late-night takeaway!
Cooking Time – Slightly slower than boiling a kettle
Cost – approx 61p per person (72p if you add the luxury of grated cheese!)
* my cheap can of soup was a Batchelors Condensed Chicken Soup pricemarked at 59p, marked down to 25p because of a dent! (NEVER buy a dented can if the dent is on the seam it may be “blown” and therefore unsafe to eat…peel the label back on a can to see where I mean!)

Cheating Creamy "Chicken" Pasta With Luxury Cheese Option!"


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