My son wants his “other” mummy! – Mystery revealed at last!

For almost a year now, my little boy BabyMibs has been demanding to go to his “other” mum’s house, usually whenever I have uttered that dreaded word “NO” about going into the garden here, or when he has been tired. The fact that despite him knowing I am Mummy, and his insistance that “Mum” is somewhere else has proven to be quite upsetting to me!

He has a similar attitude as to the whereabouts of Grandma’s house, she actually lives many many miles away from us, sadly, ( I hope to change this in the very near future!), and to compensate and ensure that she gets to spend some quality time with him, my mother frequently saves up and books those newspaper token holidays at a holiday park quite close to us at home, and as these are invariably chalets or static caravans, BabyMibs now associates most holiday parks as being Grandma’s house! ( He HAS actually been to Grandma’s real house once, but that was too long ago!)

Finally, after several tantrums in shops whereby he screamed loudly for me to “get off, I want my real mum”, and yes, I have been questioned on more than one occassion after such an outburst, to my innate embarrassment, the mystery has been solved!

Since BabyMib’s birth, ( and I had him at home in a bedsit), we have moved once, and the “other mum” as it turns out, was a far less stressed and financially better off ME, along with the bedsit having pretty much exclusive access to a walled garden that was totally safe for him to roam freely in and out of.

So now I hate the nanny state even more, thanks to their insistance that I move out of the bedsit which was in the centre of town and 10 mins walk from the beach and parks, AND CHEAP,  we are stuck in a mouldy tiny flat that I can barely afford, we are too far from anywhere sensible to go on foot reasonably, and the outside space is far from child friendly.

Isn’t it amazing what kids remember from an early age though!

Now that we have sorted this one out, BabyMibs hasn’t mentioned his “other” mum again, bless him, which to be honest has been a relief for me.

It was getting very spooky to hear him talk about some imaginary other mum and her house and how much better it was, especially since he has only ever spent two nights apart from me in his 4 years of life and that was with Grandma on one of her holiday visits!

Time for me to be off to try to win our way out of hellsville now!

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One response to “My son wants his “other” mummy! – Mystery revealed at last!

  1. Terry

    Roll on September when he can come to Grandma’s “house” again for another Sun holiday.

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