Like Heck Are “We” All In This Together Mr Cameron!

After paying my rent, and a token £10 set aside for each of the basic utility bills, gas(£120 a mth despite NOT using any) water (£89 a mth with just one shared bath a week and two wash loads), and electricity (£115 a mth despite most appliances and lights going off at sunset every day!), ( and no I am not in bill debt..yet..I try to set aside £10 for each of them every week so as not to get such a huge shock every three months!), I found today that I have the grand total of £11.73 left for food/clothes/transport etc, FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS!

THEN, as a rare treat I was watching Sky News to catch up with world events, only to hear that a large portion of our “beloved” government was happily seated in THE ROYAL BOX AT WIMBLEDON, enjoying a relaxing, well fed and watered afternoon with champagne and strawberries, no doubt at us Taxpayers’ expense!

This is a total two fingers at us hard-working Brits who are having to struggle with fast-rising living costs, food and fuel costs, along with job losses and pay cuts.

Cameron’s Speech 7th June 2010

In this momentous speech Cameron talks of us all having to tighten our belts, knuckle down and all pull together…….I DON’T SEE ANY OF THEM GOING WITHOUT, DO YOU?

I can barely afford to eat once every three or four days now, and that’s only beans on toast or a similar level, almost 90% of my income goes out directly on rent/bills already…..and it’s been this tough for a couple of years now with no sign of easing up.

When will us mere mortals get to enjoy the best this country has to offer?

Heck we are paying dearly for others to enjoy  it!



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4 responses to “Like Heck Are “We” All In This Together Mr Cameron!

  1. Yasmin Selena Butt

    Have you gone onto the price comparison sites to check your gas/elec? To see if you can switch to a cheaper supplier. I run a two bed flat and my monthly outgoings are lower. If you have an online billing tarrif the prices drop, but don’t expect your supplier to volunteer this fact to you!! Pls do have a look as you have nothing to lose in doing so. x

    • I have, but those take a while to set up, and they only really work if you agree to pay a set amount by direct debit..I don’t have a bank account! ( last time was with a well known energy supplier a few years ago, and they kept changing the amounts each month and cost me a fortune in bank overdraft fees!)
      I actually pay ahead most months, and do feel they are money grabbing gits for not realising that some customers are actually quite good even if we don’t use DD

      • Yasmin Selena Butt

        Who was that?! Which supplier? They shouldn’t change your monthly direct debit without consulting with you first, it’s meant to be an agreement between you both! That’s really dodgy! I wonder if it’s possible to complain and get your overdraft fees repaid back to you? I had hassles with nPower a few years back and wrote to the CEO about it. It must be tricky not having a bank account.

        • Only Standing Orders are a fixed price, Direct Debits CAN be changed by the requester, although they are supposed to give you fair warning, in my case I didn’t receive the letter they had supposedly sent!
          This is why I don’t have a bank account now, prefer to deal in cahs that way no-one can rip me off!

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