Strange Climatic Times Ahead?

Am I the only one wondering why there has been very little coverage of actual events occurring UK wide right now?

I have a lot of contacts across the UK, all of whom reported the same as I found with regards to the sheer amount of dust/dirt/sand appearing overnight on cars, gardens, roofs etc yesterday and today…

This odd heatwave didn’t actually occur here where I am in the naturally hottest part of the UK……

And loads of lightning strikes all on the same day??

AND an odd tidal surge??

And lots of us here in the South West are getting big static shocks from pretty much everything we touch today and this evening.

I know there have been a few volcanic eruptions lately, and that the Sun decided to wake up a bit and throw out an extra large sunspot, AND that we had yet another “near miss” with an asteroid, NONE OF WHICH CAN BE BLAMED ON GLOBAL WARMING although I’d be willing to bet someone somewhere WILL attach the blame to just that!

Not to mention here in the South West the skies have been behaving very oddly, with rolling fog this time of year that just wouldn’t clear all day, and some very strange looking evening skylines and sunsets.

BUT what really IS going on with all this crazy weather?

Somebody please enlighten me, or at least confirm that I am not going totally bonkers!



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3 responses to “Strange Climatic Times Ahead?

  1. Anonymous

    Enough is enough. Global Warning and the grab for Carbon Taxes is as legitimate as Killer Bees or Y2K. The money junkies are hoping that now we are in summer you will have forgotten the record-setting snow (leading the the record-setting flooding) all over the northern hemisphere! They really think you are that stupid where you will ignore the evidence of your own senses and believe as you are ordered to believe, thus to give them the money you are ordered to give to them.

    To believe is to be their slaves. To be free is to tell the snake-oil salesmen to shove their carbon-cult where the sun don’t shine!

  2. Terry


    • Add to that lot an odd Northern Lights type of display in rainbow laser show style, along with extreme static in the air that stands all your hairs on end! Will try to get a piccy to show here, tis happening right now! :-\

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