Hello and welcome to my eating on a pound blog (via eatingonapound)

This lady is a good friend of mine who has been eating on a pound for a little while now, and has been gladly sharing her bargain buys and advice etc on another site, luckily for the rest of us mere mortals, she has now decided to have a first attempt at blogging about her endeavours, so do go visit, subscribe, and generally make her feel welcome to the blogging world, you won’t regret getting to know her I promise!



I have started this blog with some inspiration from my friends on Loquax after starting a thread  on eating for one pound a day. I started the thread because it was near the end of the month and money had basically run out but we still had to eat so I started thrifty shopping (and if you know where and when to look there are big bargains to be had). On this blog I hope that I can inspire you to try thrifty shopping by showing you what I have brou … Read More

via eatingonapound

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