“Devil” Dog Holds Family Hostage!

Friday was a really crap day for me, in more ways than I could have imagined, financially, emotionally and everything else in-between!
Picture my surprise when, after doing some tidying and plant watering outside, an odd saga started of various neighbours and passers-by asking ME if this devil dog was mine! ( as they all know by now that I have a tendency to adopt all sorts of strays!)
Obviously, he isn’t one of mine, BUT when BabyMibs decided to go back indoors, the devil dog decided to bound after him, causing more than a mild panic on my part!
I needn’t have worried though, found the pair of them in the kitchen, terrorising Chumbles the cat and stealing all the cat biscuits from the cupboard!
Demon Eyes “Kujo” Himself!
This Flat Ain’t Big Enough For The One Of Us 

Feed Me........Please

 This has to be the softest large doggie I have ever met, and he seemed so lost, yet grateful for company, I did check the collar he was wearing, but there was no name tag or owners details anywhere, so I had no choice but to call the local Dog Warden. Of course, whilst we awaited the Dog Warden “Kujo” (my nickname for him) decided to make himself completely at home!

Now Where Am I Again


Just Sitting...Chilling

Time For My Nap
And finally, the Dog Warden arrived for him….such a sad moment for BabyMibs, he had gotten completely taken with this lovely natured huge doggie!

Dog Warden

 The good news is that apparently, after waving a handheld machine across “Kujo”, the Dog Warden says he has a chip so hopefully he will be reunited with his owner very soon. In the event of my actually managing to win on the lottery and being able to achieve my smallholding dream that bit sooner, I shall keep tabs on “Kujo”, and if the case happens to be that he was no longer wanted, then I would be proud to give this beautiful natured creature a home!

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