MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – May 2011

Here I will try to share any money/time saving tips that I have found to be useful each month.

Do feel free to share yours also if you don’t mind me keeping the list updated!

( I will of course name you as the author of your tip!)


Car Freshener

 If like me you only ever drive beaten up second-hand old bangers, then this might be useful to you, get rid of those nasty niffs, vis a vis previous owner chain-smoking, dampness pongs in bad weather , baby milk spillages going bad in hot summers, by making up a solution of warm water and a few drops of your choice of Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Rose etc, any essential oil you have/like, dip a cloth in it, wring it well and wipe all plastic surfaces inside the car!

If the niff is really bad, then sprinkle a few drops of chosen oil on the seat edges (where clothes unlikely to come into contact!)

Works everytime for me, nasty niffs gone, driving through a mist of exotic whiffs, hello! MibsXX

 Tile Grouting

 Back to the good old Milton again, my little flat has a horrible bathroom, and I got sick and tired of looking at grey/brown grouting around the tiles, half an hour some neat Milton and a sponge scourer later, hey presto, gleaming white grouting! MibsXX

 Wax Crayons On Walls

 If your little darling is prone to the same artistic tendencies as mine, then this tip is very useful, to easily remove the artwork from painted walls, spray a little furniture polish on the offending scribbles, wait a couple of minutes then gently wipe off with a dry cloth! MibsXX

 Posh Pudding Pots

 If any of you buy those posh puds that have glass dishes, ( I was lucky enough to win a bunch of puds last year!) as they can be used again and again to make and serve your own puds, dips, sauces etc. Another great use I discovered recently was they balance perfectly on top of a radiator for Fragrance Bar/essential oils vapourizing! MibsXX

Eyeliner Pencils

When these become impossible to sharpen, place pencils into freezer for a couple of hours, this enables you to sharpen them without that pesky breaking up that you usually get, thus allowing you to actually use the whole pencil!   MibsXX



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2 responses to “MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – May 2011

  1. Terry

    careful with the scents in car and on radiators if any family member has asthma or any other breathing problems. strong scents can make them worse.

    • Good grief, are you in nagging mode or what today mommy dearest? tee hee ( get back on Ebay lol!)
      I would hope that anyone suffering with any ailments would already know what to avoid and be able to apply common sense when reading tips, ideas and suggestions on the net or anywhere else!
      PS BabyMibs says Hi Grandma xx

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