MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – June 2011

Here I will try to share any money/time saving tips that I have found to be useful each month.

Do feel free to share yours also if you don’t mind me keeping the list updated!

( I will of course name you as the author of your tip!)


 Baby Milk Formula Cartons

 If, like me, you got through a lot of these cartons, especially the large ones, do what we did, and cover them in pretty paper, label them and reuse as flour tubs, they each hold a full bag of flour, and fit on a shelf perfectly!

I have plain, self-raising, and wholegrain flour stored in mine, and have also used them to store other cake-making goodies such as raisins.

The scoops that come with them make for great little kitchen measures as they hold a perfect ounce which makes home baking on a small scale that much easier and faster, no need to drag the scales out so often!  MibsXX

 Cat Litter Tray – Alternative Use

If, like me, you keep a litter tray handy for those times when Boss-In-Boots has been moved home and needs to stay in for a week, or even just have one left from those cute but messy kitten days, use a bit of Milton or bleach to ensure you won’t be transferring nasty microbes, and try using it to plant out seedlings, I did just that this year, and found not only does it hold quite a few seeds in neat rows, it also fit perfectly on my windowsills indoors, making for a near perfect little indoor greenhouse!  MibsXX

Potting Compost Bags

When you have one or two of these empty, turn them inside-out so the black inner layer is on the outside, ( looks neater), roll down the top to about 4 inches from the floor, add a few drainage holes underneath and around the bottom sides, and with 4 inches of soil placed inside you have a perfect potato grow-bag!

I use those annoying shop-bought spuds that get left and start sprouting, place 4 or 5 of those in the soil, and add more soil as the leaves start to show,( you want as much root area as possible to encourage lots of potato growth) keep unrolling and adding soil untill the bag is full, and you will have a great little supply of  homegrown spuds to enjoy, which if you harvest carefully should keep on providing and growing more untill the frost gets them in winter!

Keep them slightly moist but not too wet.  MibsXX

Gravy Cartons ( the round ones)

 Save those plastic lids that come from gravy cannisters, they usually make great tin covers for cat/dog food or other tins! MibsXX

Tinned Bean/Tomato Juice

 When opening and using tinned baked beans and tomatoes, if you don’t already use all the juice in the meal you are currently making, save what’s leftover to use in a pasta, casserole or gravy later, you can even freeze it, I use ice cube trays or those little baby food pots with lids!

Especially valid since the greedy manufacturers seem to have cut the amount of actual food they put in these nowadays, there always seems to be far too much juice left over!  MibsXX



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2 responses to “MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – June 2011

  1. Terry

    Re: the cat litter tray for seeds idea. GREAT as long as your moggy doesn’t think you’ve just moved his/her tray onto the window sill. LOL

    As for the gravy lids for use as tin lids, careful–you really shouldn’t leave food, whether yours or your pets in tins too long.A plastic container is a lot better and healthier. maybe a take away box or ice-cream tub.

    • Rofl, don’t worry mom, cat is well trained indoors now, and no food stays out for more than two days in this household!
      But you are absolutely correct regarding not leaving food in cans for too long..trouble is here the water bills are just so damn expensive I have to consider every piece of washing up!

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