Welcome To Bug-Lin’s – the MibsBlog Version

Further to my recent   post   about BabyMibs miraculous apparent recovery from a mystery bug he developed last Saturday evening, we have both suffered it yet again BIGTIME, which prompted me to do some investigating, leading me to the likely cause of Norovirus, or winter vomiting bug!

Whilst hunting down the symptoms, I discovered the origin of this lovely malaise, our local hospital, where we had visited a friend of ours on the cardiac ward on Friday last, there were no warning signs placed anywhere, as there usually are when these things do the rounds, although all visitors were banned from the Saturday onwards!

Strangely, we did wash our hands before and after visiting, didn’t eat or drink anything and didn’t even kiss or hug our friend ( he has a viral pneumonia and much though I like him I am fairly careful where BabyMibs is concerned).

This bug is definately on my list of one to be avoided at all costs in the future, it completely wipes all energy from you, I am STILL now feeling as though I have been ill for months, neither of us can eat much at all, and I dread to think how much my water bill has risen in the last four days, 6 loads of extra washing due to running out of bedlinen, nightclothes, towels, etc, soaking in hot baths to ease the very painful stomach cramps, not to mention the hundreds of neccessary toilet flushes more than usual!

My mother told me about something that  made me smile though, apparently some poor holidaymakers have suffered also, and the news reporter that she spotted came up with a funny ( sorry) headline!

“Welcome To Bug-Lin’s!”

Well, you gotta laugh at the nastier side of life sometimes!


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One response to “Welcome To Bug-Lin’s – the MibsBlog Version

  1. washing your hands does not kill the bug, that’s why it travels so easy, touching a door handle, edge of the bed, a chair to sit in, even the soap dispenser requires you to touch it, and that’s it on your hands ready to spread to the next door handle, chair etc that you touch.
    Alcohol gel is useless for it as well, as it can be breathed in just by being in the same room as somebody with it. It is a nasty illness and no wonder it kills vulnerable people as it exhausts you and dehydrates as well.
    Hope you both feeling somewhat better, but remember it is in your house and you can pick it back up from surfaces, plates, cups cutlery etc just by being in the house, so don’t be too surprised if you have another bout (though I hope not). (sorry to be Mrs doom and gloom but work in a hospital and am all to aware of it)

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