Yes, It Really Is A Religion…

Yes, It Really Is A Religion….

Another great post I came across from a fantastic site that I follow almost religeously ( sorry Aard lol)

This reminded me of when our local council introduced the two-weekly rubbish collection, and please do bear in mind that I actually personally campaigned in our area for better ways for us to recycle in our homes.

I live in a tiny 2 bed flat, albeit the building itself is actually the equivalent of a house, split into two flats, I have the bottom flat, but with the building being sat on a steep hill, there are steep steps leading up to the front door. I also have pretty much no outside space, and the interior makes my previous bedsit appear extremely spacious!

When the council delivered the myriad recycling containers and big green bins, they appear to have completely missed my little flat out, assuming it was just a house, even though they took away the TWO old-style bins from the property!

I have called and let them know, and even had a visit from a council officer shortly after the deliveries to check all was well, with the assurance in both cases that a set WOULD be delivered to far nothing has appeared.

End result thus far, especially now that the bin-men refuse to collect anything that ISN’T in one of their preferred bins, is that I have nowhere to leave my rubbish, (my kitchen is literally touchable on all four walls by standing in it), they removed the only outside rubbish receptacle that I had, and now I am having to rely on kindly neighbours allowing me to place unsorted rubbish in their bins!

I am really dreading the day that they start fining householders for not “doing their bit” as 27 phone calls and 3 visits to my local council doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere!

There are four other households in my street alone in the same binless predicament!

One thing we have all noticed even with the majority of homes using the waste bins provided is the high incidence of the following:

bins left out on the pavements, thus forcing walkers and pushchair wielders out onto the busy roads –  most homes here are accessible by steep steps only, so lifting heavy bins up and down them isn’t actually a safe option ( previously we all used soft black seagull bags not rigid bins)

the local rat population has increased exponentially, all those food waste bins are easily accessible to rats with their inbuilt ingenuity

flies are prevalent to a degree I have only previously noted around stagnant ponds, and every time the waste bins are emptied, the bin-men seem to delight in “knocking” the maggot layers from the inside of the bins onto the pavements all along the street!

As mentioned above, I am actually all in favour of better recycling, but when I see the cut-rate ill thought out plans in action, and then further read that our local council isn’t actually recycling anything at the other end, it is all still getting mixed into landfill, then you do have to wonder why they are bothering at all. They seem not to have simply just cut back on services, but also cut out common sense!


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  1. Lynda I sympathise, we have 4 bins, green for normal rubbish now emptied fortnightly and for us little in it it could be emptied every 4 weeks. blue for papers, card, plastic bottles etc, emptied 4 weekly, and we have 2 of these as the majority of our rubbish goes in it for recycling and 1 every 4 weeks not enough. brown bin for garden rubbish they they turn into compost and they sell it back to you when you give it to them for nothing in the first place ( cheeky sods) , and a black box for glass ( but not if it is broken – but they smash it dropping it into truck anyway.)
    You say it is getting landfilled at the moment but they have to start some where, by putting the bins into place they can then start building recycle centres for the rubbish to go to. our council insist on plastic bottles going into blue bin but then sort them and landfill them so whats the point??
    It annoys me that we recycle this rubbish and pay for the privilege but they then sell it on but there is no reduction in our council tax to reflect this.

    rant over – lol. good luck with getting your bins

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