Slavery is alive and well in London

I have just come across this excellent little article and have to agree that what Scott says here is absolutely true. I have myself over the past fifteen years met hundreds of folks from all nationalities, most of whom were in their twenties, a lot of whom were purely travelling around the world to widen their horizons and working for some time in each country in order to pay their way forward to their next destination. It always appalled me that once a lot of them got to the good old so-called “Great” Britain, the generosity and friendships that they had been shown in other countries seemed to vanish here!

It really IS a slave trade, and if the poor souls happen to be female, even worse so for them. I personally helped two girls with their fares home to Poland about ten years ago because they got paid nothing, in their case for each week of gruelling 60 hr shifts that they each did, their employer actually said their shared dingy room and the one meal a day each that he “generously” gave them was actually worth more than the backbreaking work they did for him, ergo they were getting progressively into more and more “debt” with this nasty excuse for an Englishman, who then suggested that they borrow more money from him to buy themselves a nice dress each in order that they could work off the extra debt by being “nice” to his friends, in their own time of course!

The best most recent case of this, and yes, this does occur nationwide, not just in London, was my being sent to a South Coast hotel, quite a large one, by my local jobcentre, for a pre-arranged interview that had been set up for me.

Once there, it was made clear to me that I was NOT going to be offered the position as they only employed ” travelling students” who could live in, I am not a student anymore, and have a four year old son, so living-in is not an option for me.  It appears that in order to receive certain grants, the hotel had to advertise vacancies through the jobcentre. The jobcentre, however, bless their cotton socks, when they asked me why I had not taken up the post, decided that I had somehow deliberately made sure that I didn’t get the job, and made their notes accordingly, and when pressed by myself to actually call the hotel and verify my story, I was informed that it was NOT the Jobcentre’s Job to find me a job!????!

Ho hum, that’s a whole other post methinks, lol, but Scott is right in his last time you are out there enjoying yourself, spending for the sake and fun of it, DO spare a thought for the poor soul serving you, especially if their English isn’t that great……THAT POOR SOUL IS PROBABLY PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE TO RELEASE THEM FROM THE NIGHTMARE THAT THE UK IS RAPIDLY BECOMING and they are someone’s son or daughter after all!

Slavery is alive and well in London.


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