Just Splashing Around Mummy!

Wide Mouthed Froggy


Amazingly, though you’d never believe it seeing him here, BabyMibs has barely just recovered from a bout of 24hr vomiting bug of some type or other, yet after a brief nap he has awoken bright and full of energy and dragged me out a few minutes ago to find, I quote…” a great big puddle to splash in Mummy!”
I figure it can’t do any harm at all to have some fresh air and fun so off we trotted and this is the biggest one we found!
He also has turned into something of a gardening critic, ” those sunflowers/peas/potatos aren’t as big as ours mummy” etc, as we passed by other folks front gardens, he actually recognised several plant and tree types so I am even more proud of my little man.  

Just splashing around


Splish Splash Splosh


More splashing

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One response to “Just Splashing Around Mummy!

  1. Lovely, it looks like it rained as much in London as in Dublin today! My daughter was just as happy about the puddles too.

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