Ten Years On, Er What Happened To The Global Warming? (via Tory Aardvark)

Given the information in this article, and as I am only a mere speck of uneducated sand in the sea of folks in this world, can somebody please explain to me where all the money raised from Carbon Taxes, rising utility bill costs, and all the other extra charges levied by various bodies in the name of “Green” is actually going?
Or would it be too cynical to believe it is all a huge fairy-tale in order for the few rich fat cats to get even fatter whilst we all freeze/starve and generally go without essentials?

I am getting very sick and tired of paying almost 80% of my income just to keep a cheap and nasty roof over my head and use a bare minimum of services, BEFORE I can even think of buying that luxury called food, only to keep reading and hearing in the news of all the profits these companies are making, closely followed by the ” we all have to tighten our belts” or ” We are all responsible for the Carbon Footprint” mantras that these fat cats preach from their fancy restaurant tables that they arrived at no doubt in fuel-hungry vehicles.

Ten Years On, Er What Happend To The Global Warming? The doomsday scenario predicted by the warming alarmists is upon us, global greenhouse gas emissions have risen faster than Climate Comedy Central, sometimes know as the IPCC have predicted; this shocking increase in emissions should have … Read More

via Tory Aardvark


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