FINALLY I have learnt how to speak cat….

After the unusually stressful day I have had with BabyMibs,  (read about it here)  ,  I finally get the ickle monster calmly and happily off to sleep…..trot out to the kitchen for a hard-earned cuppa to be harrassed by the cat!

In a moment of clarity I now fully understand the language of cat;

When your cute bundle of  mud-splattered fur curls up on your freshly washed white bed linen and purrs Meow Meow…….

When you made the point of feeding the little darling first, then settle down finally with your own supper, and yes, there he is, begging Meow Meow….

When, after being out practically all day, your wonderfully selfless and loyal furry fiend waits untill you are almost asleep before loudly demanding to be let outside again, Meow Meow….

When you struggle back home from the supermarket exhausted after trying to get as many bargains as you can whilst battling with elbows and getting run over umpteen times by angry trolleys, and the thieving  little “angel” steals that prime fish-head you managed to get cheap and thought would make a lovely stock for your own dinner, and had spent the entire journey home looking forward to eating yourself……..Meow Meow….

What he is actually saying is Me Now Me Now!



The Innocent-Looking Guilty Party!


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One response to “FINALLY I have learnt how to speak cat….

  1. Gaby Lydiate

    Funny – I have a greyhound just like that. I thought he was saying “woo, woo, woo” at exactly the same kind of moments you describe but he is definitely saying “move, move, move” then muttering “stoopid hoomin” under his breath.
    Gotta love them :0)

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