A Nightmare of a Toddler Tantrum Day Thus Far…

Grrrrr, am having one of THOSE days with BabyMibs right now. In the short space of just an hour he has managed to drive me from zero to boiling point for no apparent rhyme or reason, other than he has decided today is a good day to be as naughty as possible!

He is currently banished to his room, whilst I calm down by writing about it here!

It started with what should have been a simple trip to the shops, followed by some playtime in the park, which got cut short for safety reasons. Just imagine a giant metal kangaroo hopping down the road irratically………. every 50 yards or so I had to find somewhere to pull over in order to re-seat him and put the seatbelt back on him!

No amount of gentle cajoling, explaning the dangers, and eventually simply raising my voice had any effect, and the last straw was the appearance, whilst I was negotiating a busy roundabout, of an almost 4ft tall monster at the side of the drivers seat trying to grab the steering wheel out of my hand!

Needless to say, the shopping trip has been aborted for now, and would you bliddy believe it, he stayed seated and belted for the short journey back home!

Once home however, and then realising that his demands for a glass of milk simply couldn’t be met AS WE HADN’T MADE IT TO THE SHOPS, a point that still doesn’t seem to have sunk in, he proceeded to stalk at speed around the house swiping everything within reach on to the floor!

This is where my red mist set in, resulting in a sulking BabyMibs being safely banished to his room and Mom making a coffee with CoffeeMate and trying to calm down here for a few blissfully tantrum free moments!

Thankfully, this level of demonic behaviour doesn’t manifest itself that often, and before anyone offers “helpful” advice, yes I have read up on the subject, and tried all the ways there are to alleviate these “moments” and no, none has ever worked!

Phew, now I’ve written about it, I feel better already lol, am still amazed at how such a small person can raise blood pressure so fast and so effectively though!

Please tell me I am not the only Mom whose otherwise cute little “darling” becomes a demon from hell now and then!


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