Britain’s Biggest Mess – Meme

Since I got tagged for a fridge Meme, I have been racking my brain trying to think of something to start another one rolling, and after a day spent fruitlessly trying to get my hovel looking somewhere near decent, it came to me!

Let’s all find the biggest eyesore, mess, in need of decorating etc patches in our homes and share them!


Just one piccy is enough, with maybe a brief description, and don’t forget to pass the Meme Tag along to five pals!

A little bit of fun, maybe help the rest of us feel a little less depressed about our own “wild corners” and, if you are anything like me, it’ll spur us all on to improve the aforememtioned areas this summer!

Right, mine are going to look BAD, my excuse for NOT redecorating them is it’s not my property, ( I already pay a LOT to live here), the carpet was already knackered when I moved here, ( previous owner before my landlord bought this place was an old lady who lived here for 40 years, I don’t think my landlord knew how bad it was here as her family covered every wall and ceiling in thick pink paint before he viewed it!) and the walls appeared after only a few weeks!

My main reason for smallholding hunting in Wales is here, same or cheaper rent and water bills, AND HOPEFULLY A MUCH NICER HOME AND WAY OF LIFE!

The bathroom AFTER scrubbing the walls! 
Forty year old carpet!
The Bedroom! ( and I HAVE treated and painted this twice already, it simply comes back worse!)
Same room wider view!


And these are the five poor souls I have nominated to start us all off! Happy Tagging folks xXx

the wonderful Elaine at  Fun As A Gran Blogspot  Twitter @pooohbear2811

Krazy Kay   Twitter @chaoskay

Lovely Jane  Twitter @janesgrapevine

Fantastic Liz  Twitter @missielizzieb

 Ninja Killer Cat Tolerator!  Twitter @needaphone



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6 responses to “Britain’s Biggest Mess – Meme

  1. ok Mrs I have risen to the challenge and thrown down the gauntlet for 5 others, lets see this thing grow for you

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  3. lol…well I suppose as it was me that got you into Meme’s in the first place, I deserved this, will put my thinking cap on and do you up a post in the next few days Lynda…x

  4. Ok, you asked for it. The living room corner will be blogged for all and sundry to go OMG at. Will type up when I get time, thanks for tagging me! :O) Your mould is pretty bad! Do you rent or is the house yours, cos if you rent I’d start giving your landlord earache about that lot if I were you!

    • Lol, I look forward with great interest!
      Yes it is rented, no it’s not as easy as applying earache, I simply cannot afford to move more than once in the next year or so, and want that move to be to Wales!

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