A Blogging Hiatus

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Just a short post to explain a little of why I have been unable to write very much lately………..4th May was a painful anniversary for me, and I had great plans to write about why and leave some kind of memorial……maybe also help someone else who has or is going through a similar loss, god forbid, and although I have gotten half-way through that particular post, obviously I failed to achieve it on the correct date, so although I HAVE written several blog posts which aren’t as yet published, I now feel even worse because I didn’t get the important one posted on the right day!

Sometime over this weekend it WILL get finished and posted, so please do bear with me, and forgive me in advance if it isn’t what everyone will want to read, nor probably written very well

On the plus side, I managed to do everything else BUT finish the post, so the house is spotless, the garden is in full bloom, ( and has been blogged about although as yet unpublished), all other letters and paperwork have been done, written, shredded etc, I couldn’t possibly be more organised in every other area right now, and have finally run out of excuses!

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