What’s In My Fridge

Many thanks ( I think!) to the wonderful Elaine at  Fun As A Gran Blogspot  for inviting me to join in on this Meme ( not that I actually know what a Meme is but hey ho!)

I have finally gotten around to bloggy housekeeping and remembered to do this!

Elaine is a wonderful warm lady who has become a very good cyber pal, she is always there with a virtual hug and great advice, her blog is highly recommended, do go pay her a visit!

There isn’t actually a great deal IN my fridge, I don’t really have a big budget for stocking up, we tend to eat as we go most days, so this won’t seem very exciting at all!

Main Fridge Contents

 Ok, starting from the top,here we have 1/2 a tin of BabyMibs Baked Beans, donated from a recent holiday with Grandma!

Hartley’s Jams, strawberry and blackcurrant, both have about 2 tablespoons left in them, a smidgen of Branston Pickle left, some Piccalilli that has been there well over a year ( note to self, THROW IT OUT!), about half a jar of Waitrose Tartare Sauce, and half a jar of Apple Sauce. Two cartons of Tesco’s individual Orange Juice, half a wheel of Danish Blue Cheese, BabyMib’s favourite food, 3/4 of a butter pack, 1 and 1/2 packs of margerine, a large Waitrose Mature Cheddar pack, and some mashed potato left overs in a tub.

Fridge Salad Drawer

This very sorry lot is the contents of the salad drawer, a sad red pepper that I bought for a whole 5p, 2 past-it tomatoes, some spring onions, celery, and about 1/3 of a cucumber!


Fridge Door

 Finally we have a 4 litre bottle of semi-skimmed milk, half a bottle of cheap Sainsbury’s wine, ( for cooking purposes only, honest! …..hic!)  good old Hellmans Mayonnaise, Lidls Ketchup, Waitrose Salad Cream and some Lemon Juice!

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And these are the five poor souls I have “nominated” lol!

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5 responses to “What’s In My Fridge

  1. Terry


  2. Interesting meme, lol! I shall try and get mine done this week some time. Honestly my fridge is not very interesting! At least you have year old picalilli to add a bit of entertainment. Cheers for tagging me.

  3. Jane Willis

    Thanks for the tag – I’ll get to work on it over the weekend 9if Blogger lets me!)

  4. aaahhh Linda thank you for the lovely words. glad you enjoyed the challenge.
    your past it tomatoes will go in a stew.
    was laughing at this, cos the one place I didnt clean before the camera crew came was in the fridge, and yes they even filmed in there…lol.

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