Our First Bee Sighting This Year!


Today I was out in the patch we call a garden, playing with BabyMibs in a paddling pool to make the most of this gorgeous weather we have been recently blessed with, and BabyMibs pointed out our first sighting this year of a bee!

It really gives me comfort in my smallholding beekeeping plans when my four year old already knows what they are and that we “have to be careful not to hurt them mommy, we need them to be ok”

Given the declining bee populations worldwide, and especially here in the UK, I have given a LOT of thought and planning on how I intend to keep them, what they will live in and more importantly how they will be “stored” during their winter hibernation.

Those future bees of mine will be living in the lap of heated luxury for the duration of our ever increasing cold winters, bless their ickle furry bods!

Some furrballs do have ’em! lol



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3 responses to “Our First Bee Sighting This Year!

  1. Emily Fowler

    Ah, that’s lovely. We had a hive in our extension roof 2 years ago and loved sitting out in the garden watching them bumbling around the veg flowers. Were disappointed that didn’t seem to have any last year, but at the weekend I was watching a bee buzzing around the lawn, only to see it disappear into the ground! I never knew that bees could live underground, but on closer inspection found a few holes dotted around the place. Isn’t nature wonderful?! I did google to find out more, but almost every page that came up was about what best to pour down the holes to kill them – grrrr!

    • It’s amazing how many of our so-called “pests” are actually really needed!
      I have the utmost respect for all bees, all life in fact ( although I will never go out of my way to encourage slugs etc! lol!)

  2. nice to know somebody is helping to conserve them, friends of ours have just had a load treated cos they living in her wall and coming into the kitchen, personally would have tried to block up their route into my kitchen.

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