Thieving Gits..NOT So Nice People!


I took my son for a walk to the park today, and as usual, he decided to take his new coat with him, just in case it got windy!

Now he got this fleece a little while ago, chose and bought it himself with his pocket money, it’s a lovely little number, almost full-length with skull prints all over it, BUT has proved invaluable and warm for him, and of course it is his FAVOURITE jacket!

Typically, we had gotten about 500 yards down the road when he decided that it was indeed too hot to be wearing his fleece, so he took it off and wrapped it around his Thomas backpack, which he also has to take absolutely everywhere!

Cue a phone-call from a cold-calling saleman trying to convince me that I could REALLY make a saving on my mobile phone usage costs!

Given that I only ever put £5 a month on it PAYG, the only way I could actually save is for some kind company to offer me totally free texts and calls, which I then spent the next ten minutes politely trying to tell the salesman, who was having none of it!

At the end I just said NO THANK YOU about four times in a row, after said saleman tried several different ways to unsuccessfully procure my name, address and date of birth details “just for his records”, and he hung up!

At this point, about half a mile down the road from home, I noticed BabyMibs no longer had his coat wrapped around his backpack, so we retraced our steps all the way back home to no avail. No sign of the coat anywhere!

Now, given this whole episode took only some fifteen minutes in total, and we only walked along one straight road, if said coat had fallen to the floor, it should have still been there where it fell, by my reckoning.

The only people we had passed along our way were two young girls with babies in prams, who were chatting at the half-way point in our journey thus far, and as they were now absent, and could not even be seen anywhere along the very straight road in both directions, I can only assume that one of them picked up my son’s coat and made off with it!

BabyMibs is devastated, and keep asking me if we can call the police in order to get his coat back!

Definitely a GRR moment, I do despair of some people I really do!


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