Political Questions From An Idiots Point Of View – Question 4 UK Airforce Can’t Afford It’s Planes?

Ok folks, I am but a simple mom, no political training nor any major leanings in any direction other than the confines of my own little world, so do please bear with me here.

Lately, I have been paying more than the usual cursory attention to various news articles, and quite a few questions have occurred to me, which I shall try to put down here in the hopes that some enlightened soul will answer for me!

Question 4

£1.6m Typhoon fighter jets grounded due to running out of spare parts!

This to me is simply stupid, unforgiveable and a complete waste of taxpayer’s money, not to mention downright dangerous for our wonderful Armed Forces.

Someone somewhere really needs to be made accountable for this total waste of time and money, even grounded I am sure these planes will be costing money to take care of, this really should have been thought through by whomever is in charge of procurement.

It’s bad enough that our fantastic Armed Forces are having to operate under a cloud of cuts, cuts and more cuts without denying them the means to do their jobs properly with what they already have!


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