Political Questions From An Idiots Point Of View – Question 3 UK Immigration Speech

Ok folks, I am but a simple mom, no political training nor any major leanings in any direction other than the confines of my own little world, so do please bear with me here.

Lately, I have been paying more than the usual cursory attention to various news articles, and quite a few questions have occurred to me, which I shall try to put down here in the hopes that some enlightened soul will answer for me!

Question 3

The UK’s wonderful Cameron has yet again put his foot in it in public.

He made a great rousing speech regarding the apparent flood of immigrants into the UK, all supposedly draining our services and reaping our benefits….

Is this just badly aimed but well thought out smokescreening to hide the fact they are STILL applying massive cuts elsewhere, especially since there is an election looming and he is rather hoping that the disgruntled UK citizens will rally forth for he and his party yet again?

As an average UK citizen, I love the fact that we are a caring multicultural society on the whole here, and have several friends who were not born here, but all the folks I know who are not naturalized British folks ALL work extremely hard and probably pay more into our system than a lot of the politicians do!

We have been a multicutural nation for hundreds of years, as and when it suited us, especially near our sea-ports, and it does seem rather unfair of the “government” to keep pinning blame for all our woes on those who really don’t deserve it. First the bankers, then the unemployed, then the sick now “immigrants”

Mind you, I have never understood why it is that we don’t have a similar system in the UK to Australia where you have to meet certain requirements for entry though, would that not make far more sense?

To my limited knowledge, there is no country in the world where a UK citizen could simply turn up and claim any form of benefit or even much in the way of assistance except to get back to the UK.

On the other hand, we should all as countries worldwide always offer asylum to those in genuine need, because, nasty dictatorships aside, one day, what if for example the whole of Japan had become an unliveable hell after that earthquake?

Surely as human beings it would fall onto all other countries to open their doors to whomever survived and take the entire country in between us all?

With all the disasters going on worldwide I feel it may well be just a matter of time before this issue becomes all too real, AND IT MIGHT WELL BE US WHO ARE IN NEED SOMEDAY!


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