Product Reviews On MibsBlog – Terms

Hi there folks, just to let you all know that I will be doing reviews on a fairly regular basis here on MibsBlog, there are two categories that they might fall into;

Sponsored Reviews  :  where a company sends me something to try out and is happy for me to give mine or my son’s honest appraisal and opinion on.

Unsponsored Reviews  :  where I have either bought something, won a prize or used a service and feel that the world deserves to know how great or not that item or service is!

I am always happy to entertain the idea of being paid to write sponsored reviews BUT be warned, don’t ask me to do this unless you are happy to accept my unbiased and honest opinion in return!

My household and interests are as follows;

One five-year old son  :  loves toys, games, educational items,  food especially all cheeses, clothes and outdoor stuff

Aforesaid five-year old would be a great toy tester, especially if you want your product tested beyond all endurance and to destruction!

Myself  :  I like food, wine ,clothes, cooking, gardening,   anything that makes a busy mum’s life easier

As a family unit we are into home-grown food to a fair degree, and actually hope to be on our own small-holding in a year’s time doing just that along with beekeeping and possibly cheese-making

One of the areas we are aiming to get into in the future is the setting up of a Glam Camping site, utilising the very best of British small business by way of candles, toiletries, foods etc for each holiday home, so now would be an excellent time for anyone wishing to be considered as suppliers to get involved whilst I have the time to spend testing products out, in the short-term you will get a lot of free plugging ads, in the longer term you may well have an extra line of business!

We currently have all manner of creatures living with us as part of our family, so pet supplies can also be tested out with some degree of success ( the pets have as much personality as we do!)

All opinions expressed on my blog will be from personal experiences of either myself or my son or pets at the time of reviewing, and may not fully reflect the product or services rendered, ( we can all have bad days!), therefore all reviews will try to reflect on that for total fairness to everyone!

I am more than happy to run competitions on MibsBlog in conjunction with a product, provided of course that I myself already like the said product!

MibsBlog is a general life blog, that is, I am not just a mommy, neither am I just a cook, it covers all areas that interest or affect me and therefore is reaching quite a wide-ranging audience worldwide already.


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