Climate Change Scam Prediction Fail – About These Climate Refugees (via Tory Aardvark)

Another illuminating post from one of my favourite authors, I wish all those highly paid, well-travelled politicians and so-called experts would just put these matters into simple easy-to-understand words that don’t actually cost us a fortune for no apparent gain whatsoever!

Climate Change Scam Prediction Fail - About These Climate Refugees One of the all time favourite scary fear stories of the warming alarmists has long been the rising sea levels because of glacial meltdown, billions made homeless because of rising seas and whole nations becoming climate refugees. The picture of the Maldives government ho … Read More

via Tory Aardvark



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2 responses to “Climate Change Scam Prediction Fail – About These Climate Refugees (via Tory Aardvark)

  1. PersonOfInterest

    This article clearly demonstrates what’s wrong with science reporting. If the UN had released a report claiming 50 million global warming refugees by 2010, there would be dozens of news articles on it. The supposed incriminating evidence is a Google Cache page with this map [] that doesn’t itself say anything about refugees, but does highlight areas most susceptible to sea level rise. The “50 million climate refugees by 2010 []” statement is not referenced anywhere in any UN report, it’s a six words on one defunct graphic that was part of a larger report on world agriculture [] by the UN University. This 50 million by 2010 figure comes from Dr. Bogardi at the UN University in Bonn [], NOT the United Nations.

    The problem with this prediction being made by any scientist is that keeping track of how many refugees there are is difficult (current estimate by the UN is 1 million a year [], a figure that the Red Cross lends support to with the statement that environmental disasters are displacing more people than war now) and the causes are debatable. The epic flooding in Pakistan created 10 million refugees [], Hurricane Katrina added a quarter of a million refugees [], and desertification in Africa is displacing millions. Can we blame these events on Global Warming? Hurricanes and floods happen without a warming world, but a warming world increases the chances of such disasters happening.

    Then there are the refugees that no one realizes. In the small coastal town where I live in North Carolina, houses have been falling into the swamp one by one for decades, but the residents blame it on people building their homes in flood zones, not realizing that sea levels in their state have risen three times the rate of rise on the rest of the Atlantic coast []. People didn’t build their homes in the water, the water rose 1.5 meters over the 50 years since they were built, but nobody realizes this because of landscape amnesia [].

    You can read all about the various estimates concerning environmental refugees on Wikipedia []. It took the author of this untruth less than an hour to post their nonsense and the deniers flooded the Internet with it quickly. It took me two hours to research and write this response, because I wanted to know what I was talking about, and I will only reach a very small audience in comparison. This is why I despair when considering how science could possibly stand a chance against the overwhelming confidence ignorance brings the unscientific masses.

    by ideonexus

    • Many thanks for taking the time to post, and for the enlightening comments and research. Please do bear in mind that I am but a simple mom, not fully understanding why my little world is being so severely hit financially in the so-called name of global warming especially when I don’t see a lot in the way of spending from my government in this area despite the huge apparent Carbon Taxes excuse for taking more and more of my money from me.
      I do try to repost arguments from both sides of the coin as it were, wherever I can, in order for all of us to make more sense of what is really going on behind the scenes, I believe that in every news article there is at least a tiny nugget of truth hidden away, and hopefully by myself and others reading and posting, between us we may well actually piece together the puzzle ourselves!
      Here in the UK we also have had major “flooding” issues, although it could well be argued that ours are largely down to misplaced permissions, probably for financial gain, to build in known flood zones
      Our coastline is also being eroded away, but is that really Global Warming or simply the earth re-adjusting where humans reclaim land?
      I do wonder how much water displacement elsewhere is caused when whole islands are created by mankind in one place.
      As I said, I am but a simple mom, with a general interest in what our beautiful planet is doing, and also what we may be doing to her.
      Thank you again for bringing another facet into my thoughts xx

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