A Wheely Big Piece Of Cheese For My Little Mouse!

A Wheely Big Cheese

BabyMibs & Morris Minor

 BabyMibs, pictured here meeting Morris Minor during a recent holiday with his Grandparents, got some money as an early Easter present from his Great-Grandma!

I told him he could have anything he wanted, from chocolate to toys, and guess what he chose?

A whole wheel of Danish Blue Cheese that he spotted on the counter at our local indoor market delicatessen!

This is one of his favourite foods, and most weeks I spend around £5 of our meagre food budget on this especially for him, the above was an absolute bargain at £14!

I love the way you can haggle a little and get great deals from smaller independant traders!

To date, BabyMibs will NOT eat any meat, eggs or fish, despite my trying hundreds of different children’s recipes, his diet consists of; baked beans, toast or buttered bread, Danish Blue and various other cheeses, ( cheddar HAS to be strong!) green apples with skins on, spaghetti hoops, occasionally one or two (literally) chips, bananas, chocolate mousse, any choclate bar so long as it is brown milk choclate only, no added bits like caramel etc, raisins, cream crackers and water biscuits, all must be served with a generous helping of HP Sauce!

Before the foodie police start criticising here, he is happy and healthy, and at least it’s more than my neighbour’s son ate for eleven years,(crisps and toast only!), and at least it isn’t burgers, chips or chicken nuggets only!

How many kids with the permission to buy ANYTHING they wanted would choose a Wheel of cheese?

I was fully expecting heaps of chocolate or a very larger Easter Egg, am actually quite proud of my little man right now!


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One response to “A Wheely Big Piece Of Cheese For My Little Mouse!

  1. Vicki Graham

    I love the fact he bought cheese! My type of boy!

    Actually, his diet is not that bad. He is getting calcium and protein through the cheese; vitamins and fibre with the apples and bananas; and more fibre with the beans. It could be a lot worse!

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