I just saw this on a news programme, are we just adding to the forcing of kids to grow up way too fast?

There appear to be many arguments on both sides, all fair points really, is it that different to having baby dolls with bottles?

And just maybe it will encourage mothers of the future to try breastfeeding?

Apparently it even “vibrates” against a child’s nipple?

Personally for me, the idea of this toy makes my skin crawl, and I did breastfeed my son!

Adding to this new extra pressure to be “perfect moms”, how on earth do they expect us to hold down full-time jobs AND brestfeed?

There was a LOT of pressure put on me to breastfeed just after I had BabyMibs, even though I had no intention of doing otherwise, I was told by the midwives and health visitors that it was in their guidelines to get as many women as possible to try to feed naturally, “breast is best”, which I do fully agree with BUT the government etc cannot have it all ways. It is nigh on impossible to express enough milk to keep baby going all day whilst mom is at work no doubt stressing and worrying about her baby, and probably paying someone else more than she is earning herself for that precious time spent with her child!

And if you express your milk, surely you lose that most important of bonding feelings with your child as they will be drinking from a bottle anyhow!

Definitely not for me, and if I had a little girl, I wouldn’t be getting her one of these!


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