A Toddler’s Trip To The Dentist – FAIL

Today was the dreaded Dentist’s appointment day for BabyMibs!

The last one didn’t go too well, he curled up in a ball in the corner of the room bawling and refusing to let ANYONE near his teeth!

I really need him to be seen as he had two front teeth broken in a swing accident a year ago, and both have now gone a nasty shade of black!

BUT, despite my buying a little dentist’s mirror to practise with at home, and promising him that the nice dentist only wants to LOOK at his teeth, no joy today!

BabyMibs is totally convinced that the dentist wants to take all his teeth out and that he will be deaded afterwards!

Where oh where do they get these fears from?

I admittedly am not a huge fan of them myself, BUT have gone out of my way to be as casual and relaxed about the dentist as I can!

Now I have to book him into the local hospital to be knocked out for a checkup, something which I have been really trying to avoid!

Has anyone else had a similar problem with their toddler, and how did you get around it?

NB the dentist in question is actually quite a good one, took me three years to find an NHS one anyhow and he is surprisingly good and patient!


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One response to “A Toddler’s Trip To The Dentist – FAIL

  1. Emily

    I’ve been on my own search for insight into toddler dental care! My son is almost 3 and had a similar tooth injury last year (top front teeth are pushed in/chipped and one is significantly darkened.) Now there’s a small abscess, so there’s not time to waste! This Mom’s Guide to caring for little teeth is actually what pointed me in the right direction recently, if you want to check it out. Took him to the pediatrician (a major oral care advocate) and got an antibiotic for the abscess so infection won’t get worse. Now to find a board certified pediatric dentist. Apparently they can do some sedation in their dental office. I think I prefer the sedation to my son’s other option, which is to be almost straight-jacketed. Needless to say, his introduction into dental care has been harsh due to this injury & follow up. Hope to undo that damage so he doesn’t go through life fearing the dentist. Good luck to you. Wish I had advice to pass along!

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