The UK Needs More Folks Like This Lady

Here is a shining example of what we in the UK should be doing a whole lot more of, discovering a niche or solving a problem for ourselves, then sharing it!

The wonderful Aycin has a beautiful daughter whose  severe eczema sufferings from birth were not being helped by the usual treatments and remedies that were currently on the market. So Aycin developed her very own range of skin-kind and safe creams and potions firstly to ease her own daughter’s skin and now she has shared these with us all through her company B Organic Skincare

In Aycin’s own words below….

Our Story

My range was created for my daughter. From birth she has suffered from dermatitis and eczema. I took her to several doctors, used many prescribed bath milks, body lotions and creams always with the same result of itching and scratching. The scratching that resulted in scars that she still has today almost 3 years later. It was at this point that I started researching what I could use to help her skin that wouldn’t contain the chemicals that was causing the skin condition in the first place.I found the best organic ingredients and teamed up with people in the industry that could help me to create the best products to help with my daughter’s skin condition. None of the harsh chemicals that are currently used to create bubbles and preserve the product to make it last longer on the shelf were used in any of my products as these are the key irritants to the skin.

We believe we have the gentlest organic products with a great range for babies, toddlers, mums to be and ladies. We don’t use any chemicals that are currently being used in car screen washes, break fluids..etc unlike other skincare and bath products on the market. We don’t use silicone, so when you or your little ones have a bath or a shower or wash their hair you don’t end up with a layer of silicone on your skin so you and your little ones’ skin can still breathe.  All our products’ ingredients are derived from plants and won’t leave any residue on gentle skin. We use the highest quality organic ingredients we can find in our products.

We hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to hearing any feedback, even requests for new potential products.

You can read all about how Aycin’s range of products is hand-picked, Paraben-free, Ethoxylate-free, Propylene Glycol-free, Silicone-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free on her website, I am sadly fairly uneducated in these matters, all I know is that her products feel and smell divine and do exactly what they say on the tin.

You could spend a small fortune trying lots of other products available with little or no success, believe me it is well worth taking the leap with Aycin, her creations really do work and they last a long time too!

In these frugal times, money has to be well and wisely spent, and it definately is with this company!

And no, I have not and will not be paid for writing this post, I simply love good honest people and products, and am more than happy to spread the word when I come across a good egg!




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3 responses to “The UK Needs More Folks Like This Lady

  1. Hazel Christopher

    I think it’s great to hear about women like Aycin. My nephew (he’s only just over a year) has terrible eczema bless him, as does my mum. I may get some of their lotion for my mum actually, theres very few that don’t irritate her skin so it’ll be worth a try x

  2. Yasmin Selena Butt

    Great post, I think sometimes it’s people like this entrepreneur, who are fuelled by love and a need to get it right for personal reasons that make the best products because the stakes are so high. She did this for her little girl but indirectly a whole load of little girls and boys of all ages and races get the benefit too ; )

    • that is what makes her and others like her so special! xx
      Believe me, her bath products are a little luxury for grown-ups to die for also!
      And they last sooo long, so much better and cheaper in the long run than constantly buying proprietery brands all the time!
      I will always throw praise where it is due, too many folks are too quick to complain, yet far too slow to praise in this modern world of ours!

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