Political Questions From An Idiots Point Of View – Question 1 World Debt

Ok folks, I am but a simple mom, no political training nor any major leanings in any direction other than the confines of my own little world, so do please bear with me here.

Lately, I have been paying more than the usual cursory attention to various news articles, and quite a few questions have occurred to me, which I shall try to put down here in the hopes that some enlightened soul will answer for me!


How is it that all these countries worldwide, in what seems to be such a short period of time, have gotten into SO much debt, I mean, they have all been talking about such silly amounts it seems unreal!

What did they spend it all on?

Here in the UK life in general has been declining for a long long time, so that money doesn’t seem to have been spent on much for the population here, yet apparently we all individually suddenly owe thousands of pounds each, and it would seem the other world governments are saying much the same to their peoples!

And more to the point, who the heck do we OWE all this money to that has supposedly been borrowed?

Is there one rich bloke on this planet who just freely loans stupid amounts of made-up cash to any country who asks for it?

Or are the richest people in each country simply lining their own pockets at all our expenses?

It does seem more than a little hypocritical to me when the political leaderships insist that we ALL have to do our bit, tighten our belts and make do, when they themselves are creaming off the top of the expenses pile for anything they can get away with, they don’t have to put shopping back, their homes aren’t at risk of repossession, and they sure won’t be going without when they retire!

Easy to preach when you are in a place of safety yourself!


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