Political Questions From An Idiots Point Of View – Question 2 Iceland Owes UK

Ok folks, I am but a simple mom, no political training nor any major leanings in any direction other than the confines of my own little world, so do please bear with me here.

Lately, I have been paying more than the usual cursory attention to various news articles, and quite a few questions have occurred to me, which I shall try to put down here in the hopes that some enlightened soul will answer for me!


After watching the news with more than  a healthy measure of sheer disbelief, am I the only one in the UK who simply does not understand how Iceland can vote NOT to repay their debt to us?

Yet again, exactly WHERE did all our money go to?

Someone out there in the world must be really having a laugh at the Uk taxpayer’s expense, literally, they certainly must be living a very good life off our backs!

Perhaps we should all vote not to repay our mortgages, loans, taxes etc! Everyone else seems to get away with it!

It would seem that the only folks who cannot dip into the UK’s coffers are those who actually pay something INTO it!


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