The MAD blog awards – it’s nomination time (via Slummy single mummy)

Well, what can I say, untill my smallholding dream actually starts to take shape ( watch this space, it will very very soon!) this lady can’t be beaten for sheer humour and coffee spluttering fun blog reading!

Go on, give her blog a whirl and give her your vote, she really IS worth it! XX

The MAD blog awards - it's nomination time A while ago I revealed – shock horror – that I wasn’t terribly popular at school, due to my annoying habit of sticking my hand up constantly in class, and my overwhelming urge to be praised at all times. Awards like the MADs then (‘mums and dads’ – not a reference to my mental health) are, as you can imagine, perfect for me. ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ I want to cry, ‘I’m the best! Look!’ That would just be unattractive though. Instead, I am just going t … Read More

via Slummy single mummy


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