Who should pay for dinner on a first date? (via Slummy single mummy)

Now here’s an age-old dilemma that’s gotten far worse in modern times…personally I feel this applies to ALL women, not just “attractive” ones, heck, we are ALL attractive to someone out there!

I do feel that the women’s lib effort has gone way too far, and personally would very much like it if HE who suggested that first “meal date” out paid, the choice of venue is entirely up to him of course, and to be honest, a thoughtfully well-prepared picnic is likely to please more than purely flashing a wallet of high-interest credit cards at some stupidly swanky restaurant, in my humble opinion anyhow, make your own minds up!

Who should pay for dinner on a first date? According to a study reported in the Daily Mail today, attractive women are more likely to expect a man to pay for dinner on a first date. Researchers, who studied over 400 men and women, asking them to rate their own attractiveness and setting them up in a fake date scenario, claim it is because more attractive women believe they are worth it, that a man should take more pleasure from having dinner with them in the first place. I’ve been on quit … Read More

via Slummy single mummy


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