Positivity – MibsBlog March Post 2

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Don’t Be A Mad March Hare, Read This For Simple Steps Towards A Healthy Mind Therefore A Healthier Body And A Happier YOU!


 The following is purely a fun description of what I myself do to pick myself up when down, it is NOT a cure-all, neither is it aimed at replacing a GP’s advice. If you are feeling MORE than a bit down and even worse thinking of ending it all, THEN GO TO A GP ASAP there is no shame in asking for some help, we all need it now and then, and do remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

SO, to the second of my posts….

Positive Little Steps De-Clutter Your Soul, De-Clutter Your Life

Ok peeps, now you are feeling all refreshed and revitalized, this is the time to spring clean your life, starting with everything you own that you haven’t touched in the last 6 months or longer!

Seriously folks, unless it is sentimental, if you haven’t worn/seen/used it in the last six months to a year, then WHY are you keeping it?

Sell it, freecycle it charity shop it, just imagine you’ve had a fire/flood whatever, what things would you really miss/can’t replace exactly?

Excluding the above items, and obviously furniture and kitchenware, and those clothes/shoes/handbags you HAVE actually used in the last 6 months, the rest really should be open season!

It is all too easy to hang on to things “just in case”, (I do exactly the same thing, and go through this process every year), BUT having too much clutter around destroys your sense of wellbeing, takes up space that new interesting clutter can fill up, and let’s face it, makes housework more WORK then house!

Those little things you CAN do something about, cleaning, tidying, sorting stuff etc, CAN be done, just make little lists, one or two tasks per week if you lead a busy life, that way you can’t fail to achieve something, and you will get through them all eventually and those in multiple occupation households LEARN TO DELEGATE! ( yes mums that means YOU)

Don’t forget that one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure, so unless it really IS in a minging state DO sell it, or offer it on Freecycle, good karma often comes around in spades!

Are you stuck in a rut?

Have a dead-end job that you hate?

It’s never too late to take up new interests, even if you are one of those lucky few who doesn’t have to work, a new hobby is a great mood and confidence booster. Write out a list of all the things you are good at, whether you like them or not, and also a list of anything you USED to do when younger and miss, or have always wanted to try out.

Even if you cannot manage to get to college or training classes in a subject, there is absolutely NOTHING stopping you from learning yourself either on-line or through borrowing library books.

Once this recession begins to lift, there will no doubt be a lot of employers out there looking for someone with both skills, knowledge and common sense, and who knows, unless your wish is to be a brain surgeon ( NOT a recommended self-teaching subject BTW!)

There are many people out there who did just that and even took it so far as to start up their own businesses,(just take a stroll through MibsBlog’s Matey’s for some great examples of those!) so whether it’s just to keep you amused and your brain ticking over or whether you are looking to completely change your career someday, take those first little steps NOW and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel just by simply learning something new that you enjoy, even if it appears a useless skill to others. I say STUFF them, and do what makes YOU feel good inside!

Is there anyone in your life who really gets you down?

Now this one can be a little tricky to deal with, but basically, ideally, if someone puts you down, a “perfect” mom at school, a nasty boss etc, then you CAN try a simple device that usually works for me, just imagine them naked, or wearing a clown costume, or if they are berating you, imagine cartoon steam coming out of their ears, all whilst smiling innocently of course!

( I actually imagine my mother-in-law wearing an axe out of her head BUT I wholeheartedly DO NOT recommend thoughts like these, just in case one of you gets too many ideas and blames me for the outcome!)

If facing the school/work run and all those apparently “perfect” peeps out there is getting you down, just for one morning get up a bit earlier, dress and glam yourself up and get out there and show THEM up for a change!

Remember NOT to do this too often,. else you’ll just become “one of them!”

I don’t advocate being jealous of other people’s lives, that is a pointless exercise, believe me, behind their doors is quite likely a life you really wouldn’t want to be living, BUT it’s certainly a great way to perk yourself up now and then. And remember to keep a confident smile on your face when they do a double-take, they will no doubt be wondering if you’ve won the lottery, are having an affair etc, if they ask, just smile, and talk about the weather, anything BUT answer their question!

Talking of which, please DO tell your wife/hubby/partner WHY you have glammed up just to go to the school or shops, by the way, or else THEY’LL be imagining you having an affair!

Whenever you feel down, think positive thoughts, I know money can be a huge issue right now for a lot of folks, BUT there is absolutely no reason why you cannot plan to look forward to simple treats like a walk and an ice-cream at the weekend with family,  plan a board-game night in, or even just the thought of a simple hot bath to relax in after a hard or trying day,anything that allows for a bit of fun doesn’t have to cost much if anything, and quality time spent is worth far more than having cash ( yes really, it IS!)

There’s a kids film I watched with my son some time ago, ( I cannot remember which one it is now!) but one of the characters says “Just smile and wave”, perfect advice for all of us!

You must unload your worries to someone close you can trust now and then though, remembering of course to reciprocate when they need a shoulder, but the same rule as the previous post applies, IF YOU CANNOT IMMEDIATELY CHANGE IT DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT

I don’t know the exact stats on this, but I do know from my GP that stress is one of our biggest threats both mentally and to health in general.

Do feel free to comment below, add any ideas you have that have worked for you, or simply tick me off for getting it totally wrong! :-)

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  1. Jacqui Ruddock

    As far as horrible peeps: I find that if you are sickeningly nice to them then they begin to feel uncomfortable at being so horrible. In my student days, I used to work in a shop and you are so many rude customers but I just used to smile sweetly and say I was terribly sorry if they were annoyed about something. They don’t expect it and it oten wrong foots them!

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