Mind Over Matter – MibsBlog March Post 1




Don’t Be A Mad March Hare, Read This For Simple Steps Towards A Healthy Mind Therefore A Healthier Body And A Happier YOU!


 The following is purely a fun description of what I myself do to pick myself up when down, it is NOT a cure-all, neither is it aimed at replacing a GP’s advice. If you are feeling MORE than a bit down and even worse thinking of ending it all, THEN GO TO A GP ASAP there is no shame in asking for some help, we all need it now and then, and do remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

 There is a lot of negative pressure in our lives at the moment, adverts showing us the “perfect” family lives, beautiful kids wearing immaculate clothes, women looking fantastic despite “apparently” having families, full-time jobs and being perfect housekeepers and cooks, men who appear to have it all in car ads, those abhorrent “new home” programmes, where perfect looking amazingly “young” couples seemingly have a spare half mil to spend on an idyllic home etc. These are ALL FALSE, believe me!

  SO, to the first of my posts….

 Mind Over Matter

 However low you may be feeling, on the whole YOU are in control of that and thereby can change it!

By the simple acts of ditching whatever fad diet you have been following ( you can always go back to that later on), drinking far more plain common garden tap water ( it’s kinda free lol) and getting outdoors more ( yes, there IS a world beyond your PC, honest!), and not setting yourself so many stupidly unreachable targets, you will be amazed at how much better you can feel in a matter of a couple of weeks!

Far too many of us simply don’t hydrate enough with water, which can lead to tiredness, depression, and bad skin hence feeling and looking like crap!

 Begin by making a list of things you hate about your life, or simply things you would like to see change…..then place them into two groups, those that you CAN do something about realistically, and those that unless you marry a millionaire or win the lottery, you have no hope of achieving!

Tackle that first list one little bite at a time, and keep the second one as a “wishlist” against good fortune landing in your lap, I do one of these lists every year, and it is surprising how your priorities or what you deem to be important changes as you travel on through life!

 There are quite simply some things in life that you will never be able to prevent happening, such as redundancies or home repossessions sadly, so don’t allow these things to take over your life…simply ride with them and treat them as opportunities.

If you need a real leveller in life, just look at some of the stories from those poor folks in Japan, hell whatever we face is unlikely to be as bad as they have it right now!

 We all have days where we feel down, and winter-time is probably by far the worst for this. Lack of sunshine is  a prime cause for feeling down, now I know that the good old UK doesn’t offer much in the way of sunshine in the winter, but simply getting out into daylight often can provide a real energy boost for your system. Walk to work where you can, walk the kids to school, just walk around the block once a day!

Good old fashioned fresh air really does work wonders, clear your mind totally of all your worries and simply enjoy being alive, take a few minutes to actually notice this beautiful world we live in.

 Smile at a total stranger now and then, you’d be amazed how good that can make both you and them feel!

Don’t set yourself unrealistic targets, you really don’t have to be that “magazine” mom, and most folks are feeling just like you do, so your house gets a bit dusty now and then, who cares…really?

  The bottom line is that we have all had bad times in our lives, pretty much everyone, whether or not they admit it, has had their heart put throught the wringer at some point, yet life is soo short there IS no point in letting bad feelings spoil what time you have left…put that negative energy you have into helping someone else, they’ll get a great feeling from your help and you can re-assign your bad feelings into something good and positive!

Do feel free to comment below, add any ideas you have that have worked for you, or simply tick me off for getting it totally wrong! 🙂

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3 responses to “Mind Over Matter – MibsBlog March Post 1

  1. I will enjoy simple things that I tend to overlook in the whole day – like something as simple as the lovely sunshine x

  2. Jenna Parrington

    I’m loving all these tips. I seem to always feel run down in winter but now the sun is starting to come out I feel better already!

  3. Karen Richards

    The weather is so nice at the momentI managed to sit out in the garden today for an hour with a good book. Although I did get a bit distracted watching the birds feeding in the bird table. I just love nature and like walking in the countryside or along the coastal paths. Fresh air really does do wonders and the sun always makes me feel better. Love this time of year when the flowers are starting to come.

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