Am I the only one who finds this simply unbelievable?

This guy, who meant no one any harm, didn’t march into a shop and steal anything for sale, got a criminal record for taking rubbish for the simple purpose of survival!

When I was homeless some years ago, if I had known that this practice went on ( do bear in mind that prior to becoming homeless myself I had led a fairly privileged life myself), I would not have hesitated to do the same myself, and should the worst happen in the future, who wouldn’t if it meant they and their family could eat?

Read about it HERE

How come ITV’s Jonathan Maitland and celeb chef Antony Worrall Thompson didn’t get prosecuted for doing pretty much the exact same thing publically?

TV show on it HERE

This to me is a sad indictment of how wasteful and petty our society has become, unfortunately I think this will happen more and more as the wealth and being able to survive gap widens even more in times to come.

What on earth do the shops and politicians expect the poor folks who simply cannot make ends meet to do? Sit there and starve quietly?


Words really do fail me right now, I am ashamed to say I cannot do this story the full justice that it deserves


Another story of total and utter madness, written far more eloquently than mine lol!

by James Ramsden in a lovefood.com article


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One response to “Unbelievable

  1. freemycatfish

    Yes. The double standards we apply — or rather, allow others to apply sicken me. It is a perversion of justice that ALWAYS affects the poor.

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