Green Lies Exposed – The Electric Car (via Tory Aardvark)

 More bloggy housekeeping…I do remember this one winding me up so much I had to shelve it whilst I calmed down a bit lol!

How on earth can an expensive electric car be green OR save us money to run?

Do this daft politicians not pay electricity bills at the moment?

I can barely afford the basic fast-soaring cooking and lighting costs, let alone charge a toy car up EVERY DAY, then risk it’s definately not so green battery running out at some really awkward place!

Green Lies Exposed - The Electric Car The Electric Car like everything pushed by the warming alarmists and Greens, is nothing more than a careful selection of isolated facts all glued together with gallons of snake oil. If you assume that an electric car is a paranormal object, it miraculously appears without needing manufacture, it runs on electricity that is solely generated by a realistic clean source like nuclear, and then when life expired, disappears in the same miraculous way … Read More


via Tory Aardvark


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