Giving a FOUR year old a mobile phone?


Today it was such a lovely sunny albeit chilly day that I decided to take my littleun to a park nearby!

He had great fun playing on the swings, turning the wooden fort into an ice-cream and chippy parlour for me ( although he won’t eat those foods), around at ninety miles per hour causing mayhem!

Whilst he was happily annoying some poor teens trying to play football, I overheard some young women talking about their little 4 and 5 year old’s and how they felt it was so important for them to have mobile phones!

Mobile phones?? THEY ARE TODDLERS, why on earth do they need phones? Is it likely that they will ever get left alone and need to call home for help? I sincerely hope not!

Or am I just getting far too old for this horrible modern kids-grow-up-too-fast world we live in?


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One response to “Giving a FOUR year old a mobile phone?

  1. Emma

    That’s just horrible. We’ve said to our children that secondary school is the right time for mobile phones and they seem happy with that. The eldest got hers in September and the other has my old one without a sim card as she likes the games and camera.
    I do wonder what kids have to look forward to when they get everything so young.

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