is my book just too rambling??? (via Jonesy..chatting shit)

This guy STILL needs a place to stay in London to help get him back onto his feet properly, please pass on to ANYONE you know in London, you just never know, we might actually be able to help him between us all!

Chapter One – “The beginning, probably not that fucking exciting” Well, hmmm, “well” that’s a word that I think I say a frigging lot. I think it’s a mixture of a habit and just what is said in my head….pretty damned sure I’ll say “well”…then a comma as well as “anyways” and then a comma a lot in this book. Apologies for that. So, my youth..WELL, I suppose it was pretty normal as it seemed it to me anyway. I was born to…ahhh..fuck it…I’m … Read More

via Jonesy..chatting shit


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