I am half-way through a post that, upon reflection, reeks hugely of desperation, despite it being absolutely true, if I were to read it thus far from another person I seriously doubt that I would believe what it says, and I am the one living it!

A large part of my online interests are gathered into a subject I have called Earthwatch,  in which I have collected links and data pertaining to all things to do with our beautiful planet, and a lot of related or just plain interesting ones regarding that fascinating enigma of a Universe that we all float in!

To try to alleviate my plummeting mood and state of being, I decided to take a break from the depressing monotone that has become my life and take a read through some of the more interesting sites I have saved up. I actually clicked HERE , to find we had ten minutes to spare to go outside and ACTUALLY WITNESS an amazing event!

I strongly urge each and every one of you to try this, go to the site, find your country and local sighting times, GET OUTSIDE AND LOOK UP!

It was truly amazing, I can honestly say that a lot of my worries just melted away at the sheer wonder and magic of what I saw, this magic fast-moving man made object flying across the night sky, especially knowing that there were people up there watching us below with no doubt equal fascination!

To be honest, although as a child I secretly always wanted to go up into space, I do wonder if it would serve to make me feel ever so humble, tiny and insignificant to be that tiny shining dot up there all alone in space, with the sheer beauty of Earth on one side and a vast gulf of emptiness everywhere else!

It certainly put a few things into perspective down here on Earth tonight, expecially since my son woke up and asked to come outside with me, he rarely goes outdoors in the dark, has always been terrified for some reason, but tonight, he gripped my hand ever so tightly and sat on my knees for five minutes watching the space station’s majestic progress with me!

It is amazing that I got to see something so wonderful and unheard of years ago, and to be able to share that with my son, on top of the several comet showers, two eclipses and beautiful skyscapes during atmospheric disturbances we have already shared made this evenings’ little break a truly magic and memorable experience.

Really, look it up, take the hand/s of those you love and go share this together, it doesn’t last long, mere minutes, but on a good night as tonight was very clear and truly well worth braving the chill.


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